Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oath Schmoath


Please excuse the grammar in this wife/proofreader is out of town

Whatever happened to oaths? In fact if you read that this word on its own it sounds kind of goofy. Typically I think of an “Oath” as a solemn contract reserved for super duper special entities such as marriages, legal contracts and military personnel. But this morning I woke up convicted and challenged about some of the other innocuous “oaths” I have made....and broken such as plans to hang out with friends or plans to set aside time each day for meditation or study. Jesus says in Matt. 5, “let your yes be your yes and your no be your no” Recently I have taken a lot of license with my yeses and noses. (heehee) When I started this blog I committed to writing at least one blog a week. For the past couple of weeks I have broken this oath. Not only that but twice this week I committed to plans with other people and broken my word and I am already planning on breaking another oath I made next week because I accidentally double booked myself. I would like to justify my actions or excuse them but the truth of the matter is that I made an oath to others and didn't follow through. While it is true that inevitable circumstances arise where keeping oaths isn't always possible you and I both know that all to often we use “great excuses” to get out of obligations we really don't feel like participating in.

So what are the repercussions for not keeping oaths? Well besides the fact that my integrity takes a hit every time I back away from an oath I also feel that breaking little oaths are kind of a gateway drug to breaking the big ones....(you are free to disagree....but you're wrong)

The only way to guarantee that I am protecting the two most sacred oaths I have made. 1) to serve God with all my heart and 2) To faithfully cherish my wife, is by being a man of integrity and guarding my heart and commitments in the small seemingly insignificant oaths that I make everyday.

So I apologize for not having a post up for the past few weeks.....I ask for your forgiveness and patience as I realign my priorities and begin to renew my commitment to my yes being my yes and my no being my no.

What do you think? How are you with the oaths you make? Is your yes your yes....or is it more of a tentative “maybe”?