Thursday, June 2, 2011

Working with Ruthy

My wife is an incredibly hard worker. She is a marketing consultant for LivingSocial and all day, everyday she is hustling for business all over Tacoma. She is most definitely my 'sugarmomma.' I on the other hand am a part-time waiter who enjoys the more leisurely pursuits in life such as 'Hulu' and 'Angry Birds.' Due to my recent inspiration from John Adams (see Tuesday's blog) I have decided to mirror my wife's work week. I will work as many hours on serving Tacoma Community as my wife works at her job with LivingSocial....So far today I have totally followed through on my plans.

Ruthy-has burrowed her head in her computer since we arrived at the coffee shop at 11:00 and has not stopped making phone calls and appointments since we arrived. In an outstanding effort of equally matching her work effort I have spent the past 4 hours writing this blog post.....and taking the following picture.

I must admit I am doing a pretty darn good job of following through on my commitment.


  1. Do you still work at the Keg? I had training up in Bellevue and there was a Keg within walking distance to my hotel. I really liked that place. I had dinner there at least twice. I guess that was technically Kirkland, WA.

  2. Yep, I work at the Keg in University Place. They have a great menu. Thanks for stopping by Franz

  3. hehehe.... i love it. and i would like to thank you for your commitment to Community... and to Ruthy (duh) and to being a great husband. Keep it up!